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Prices for advertising in
Price Increase
300x250 px
All pages 24 BGN
Half banner
300x600 px
All pages 30 BGN
Leader board
728x90 px
All pages 18 BGN
Horizontal Megaboard
960x200 px
All pages 38 BGN
Wallpaper All pages 48 BGN
Wallpaper with banner 300x250 All pages 55 BGN
Footer Banner
1000x90 px
All pages 40 BGN
Sticky Scroll Banner All pages 40 BGN
Standard PR   1000 BGN
In Article Video All pages
48 BGN
Video Pushdown All pages
48 BGN
In-Article Billboard All pages
39 BGN
3D Box All pages
42 BGN
3D Cube 300x250 All pages
30 BGN
3D Cube 300x600 All pages
38 BGN
Film Strip All pages
24 BGN
Multi-rotation cuboid All pages
35 BGN
Geotargeting 20% price increase
Planning on Fr. capping 1 20% price increase
Fixation of time range 20% price increase
TVC included in the banner format 10% price increase
Floating, expandable, scratch banners 20% price increase
Synchronized banners without price increase if they don't include nonstandard elements
Targeted pages (home page or specified inner pages) 50% price increase
* All prices are without VAT and per 1000 impressions 
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