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Price Increase
Fixation of time range 20% price increase FEATURE: The number of impressions purchased must not exceed 50% of the insured for a given time range
Planning of Fr. capping 1 20% price increase FEATURE: Applies to all formats in which price is not included raising the cost for Fr. capping 1, such as: 300x250, 728x90, 300x600, 468x60, Wallpaper and more.
Targeted pages (home page or specified inner pages) 50 % price increase for all sites, excluded
Targeted pages (home page or specified inner pages) 20% price increase for
Geotargeting 20% price increase
TVC included in the banner format 10% price increase
Floating, expandable, scratch banners 20% price increase
* The Audio for the banner is activated only by the user. We do not accept banners with automatic transmission of sound.

- Political commercial - 50% price increase.

- Bartering - 50% price increase.

- If there is an additional logo inside the banner - 20% price increase.

Interest when publishing paid publication (applies for all PR types)

Composing of the publication by a journalist

200 BGN

Editing / Rewriting  the most of the publication's text by a journalist

100 BGN

Political paid publications

100% price increase

Link building – up to 2 links, published in custom topic article,,

500 BGN,,,,,,,

350 BGN
All prices are without VAT.