More then 19 years experience on the market
2 241 419 users
50% of internet
users in Bulgaria
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Investor.BG AD is a leading Internet media company, based in Bulgaria. With its websites, the company reaches over 55% of the Internet users in the country (data by Gemius).

In early 2009 3TS Cisco Growth Fund acquired 16.77% of the share capital of Investor.BG AD. After several purchases of shares and after the successful capital increase in 2011, the fund is already the largest shareholder, holding 21.34% of the capital.

In 2010 Investor.BG AD took part for second time in the Deloitte’s ranking of the fastest growing technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe Fast 50. In 2009 it was ranked 6th place and in 2010 - 1st of the Bulgarian companies and 5th in Central and Easter Europe with 1633 % revenue growth for the past five years.

After the capital increase in June 2011 Investor.BG AD added to its portfolio four new projects, each positioned in different segment. After purchasing the website, Investor.BG AD acquired the company "Az Media" Ltd., and added to its portfolio the websites, and This allows the company to increase both the market range and to provide its customers with a new opportunities for advertising presence.